using SimpleAuthenticator is not working with me in beta 3

I am doing the following:

·         In Cassandra.yaml Set
authenticator: org.apache.cassandra.auth.SimpleAuthenticator
·         Add username and password to passwd.proprties
·         Add username to keyspace and column family permission in access.proprties
·         Add the path for passwd.proprties and access.proprties to Cassandra.bat
set CASSANDRA_PARAMS=-Dcassandra -Dcassandra-foreground=yes\Cassandra\Cass07b3\apache-cassandra-0.7.0-beta3\conf\\Cassandra\Cass07b3\apache-cassandra-0.7.0-beta3\conf\

·         Use login() to login to Cassandra in the application:
Map<String, String> creds = new HashMap<String, String>();
creds.put("user1", "pwd1");
AuthenticationRequest Auth = new  AuthenticationRequest(creds);

its giving me an error, with no message, and if I try to do any thing its giving me "I am not logged in" error.
Is there any thing I am missing?

Alaa Zubaidi