Can you try using the command line cassandra-cli tool ? fire it up and look at the online help, if you pass a user name and password to the  "use" statement it will perform a login after setting the keyspace for the connection. 

Try testing the login that way, and see what is logged server side (with logging at DEBUG). 

Also, what client are you using ?


On 16 Nov, 2010,at 02:02 PM, Alaa Zubaidi <> wrote:

I removed the exception handling and It seems that the login() is hanging?

On 11/15/2010 1:36 PM, Eric Evans wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-11-15 at 12:26 -0800, Alaa Zubaidi wrote:
>> I set authority to SimpleAuthority and log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG,stdout,R
>> and its still the same, the error in my application is
>> $
>> InvalidRequestException(why: you have not logged in)
>> and in the system.log after DEBUG ...... Disseminating load info...
>> DEBUG ...... batch_mutate
>> There is no mention to the login() and set_keyspace() methods.
>> and no other information..
> The login() method will either raise an AuthenticationException in the
> client application if the login failed, or log something like "logged
> in: #<User username groups=groupname>" if it succeeded.
> Either you're not actually calling login(), or your code is trapping the
> exception and obscuring the failure.

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