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From Carlos Alvarez <>
Subject Capacity problem with a lot of writes?
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 18:32:44 GMT
Hello All.

I am facing a (capacity?) problem in my eight nodes cluster running 0.6.2
patched with CASSANDRA-1014 and CASSANDRA-699.

I have 200 writes/second on peaks (on each node, taking into account
replication), with arow size of 35kb. I configured the memtable size to 1GB,
the biggest size my heap seems to tolerate. With this configuration, the
cluster is writing a sstable each 5 mins.

When I decrease the memtable size I run into a minor compaction storm.
However, the 1GB memtable forces me to have a hughe heap and makes me living
on the edge of the memory.

The question is:

- Do I need more power in order to write less than 1GB each five minutes?
- Has anyone experience with heaps of more than 8GBs?
- Are the standard minor compaction thresholds usually enough for high
loads? Or is something I am supposed to tune?.


Tal vez hubo un error en la grafía. O en la articulación del Sacro Nombre.

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