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From Antonio Serrano <>
Subject Strange values returned
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 12:04:21 GMT
Hi from Spain:

I'm just doing some samples and I'm obtaining long values instead of the
correct value

This tests were done in an ubuntu server 10.10 (x86_64) with cassandra 0.7
beta 3 and oracle java 1.6.0_22

What am I doing wrong?


[default@MyKeyspace] aserrano@ubuntu:/opt/
cassandra$ bin/cassandra-cli
Welcome to cassandra CLI.

Type 'help' or '?' for help. Type 'quit' or 'exit' to quit.
[default@unknown] connect localhost/9160
Connected to: "Test Cluster" on localhost/9160
[default@unknown] create keyspace MyKeyspace with replication_factor=1
[default@unknown] use MyKeyspace
Authenticated to keyspace: MyKeyspace
[default@MyKeyspace] create column family User
[default@MyKeyspace] describe keyspace MyKeyspace
Keyspace: MyKeyspace:
  Replication Factor: 1
  Column Families:
    ColumnFamily: User
      Columns sorted by: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.BytesType
      Row cache size / save period: 0.0/0
      Key cache size / save period: 200000.0/3600
      Memtable thresholds: 0.0703125/15/60
      GC grace seconds: 864000
      Compaction min/max thresholds: 4/32
[default@MyKeyspace] set User['aserrano']['name']='Antonio Serrano'
Value inserted.
[default@MyKeyspace] set User['aserrano']['email']='prueba@localhost'
Value inserted.
[default@MyKeyspace] get User['aserrano']
=> (column=6e616d65, value=416e746f6e696f2053657272616e6f,
=> (column=656d61696c, value=707275656261406c6f63616c686f7374,
Returned 2 results.

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