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From Arijit Mukherjee <>
Subject partial matching of keys
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 06:11:22 GMT
Hi All

I was wondering if it is possible to match keys partially while
searching in Cassandra.

I have a requirement where I'm storing a large number of records, the
key being something like "A|B|T" where A and B are mobile numbers and
T is the time-stamp (the time when A called B). Such format ensure the
uniqueness of the keys. Now if I want to search for all records where
A called B, I would like to do a partial match with "A|B". Is this

I've another small question - where can I find some complete examples
of creating a cluster and communicating with it (for
insertion/deletion of records) using Hector or Pelops? So far, I've
been doing this via the Thrift interface, but it's becoming illegible

Thanks in advance...


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