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From Ching-Cheng Chen <>
Subject Secondary index query return row should not return?
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 13:04:00 GMT
Not sure if this the intended behavior of the indexed query.

I created a column family and added index on column A,B,C.

Now I insert three rows.

row1 : A=123, B=456, C=789
row2 : A=123, C=789
row3 : A=123, B=789, C=789

Now if I perform an indexed query for A=123 and B=456, both row1 and row2
are returned.

Is this the expected behavior?  Since row2 doesn't have column B, I would
expect B=456 expression should return false.

I'm using cassandra-0.7.0-beta3 and hector-0.7.0-19_11042010



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