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From David King <>
Subject Moving a CF from one KS to another
Date Sat, 27 Nov 2010 02:08:09 GMT
I'd like to move a CF from one keyspace into another. I'm running 0.6.8. Is this just a matter
of draining the nodes, taking down the cluster, updating the schema in storage-conf.xml, and
moving the files themselves? Is there an even niftier trick that I can without taking down
the cluster?

For the whole story, I currently have two keyspaces (for historical reasons that no longer
apply). Because of the protocol-changes coming in 0.7 it will be easier for my app to just
have one keyspace (rather than set_keyspace constantly or maintain separate connection pools
per KS). Given that this isn't a common operation, I'm sure 0.7's online schema changes won't
support this operation and so after that if I futz with the files on-disk, convincing the
schema to do what I want will be harder, so I'm figuring that doing it before 0.7 is the best
bet. There's no namespace collision or anything funky, I'm just trying to make sure there
are no obvious gotchas.
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