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From "Damick, Jeffrey" <>
Subject Re: keys_cached percent?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 01:43:19 GMT
Sure - so percents aren't supported anymore in 0.7.x, which is fine, I just wanted to clarify.


On 10/25/10 9:31 PM, "Aaron Morton" <> wrote:

To cache 100% set the value to 1. The comments in the yaml below do explicitly say this, but
its discussed here|(cached)


On 26 Oct, 2010,at 02:02 PM, "Damick, Jeffrey" <Jeffrey.Damick@neustarbiz> wrote:

I tried a few variations, but when it set it to: 100%  or "100%" or similar I get:

ERROR 19:37:31,898 Fatal error: null; Can't construct a java object for,2002:org.apache.cassandra.config.Config;
exception=Cannot create property=keyspaces for JavaBean=org.apache.cassandra.config.Config@32955cd5;
Cannot create property=column_families for JavaBean=org.apache.cassandra.config.RawKeyspace@31b446d1;
Cannot create property=keys_cached for JavaBean=org.apache.cassandra.config.RawColumnFamily@c68c26c;
For input string: "100%"
Bad configuration; unable to start server

It looks like if it's yaml it doesn't pass through the FBUtils.parseDoubleOrPercent(), and
since the bean has a double the yaml deserializer is blowing up... Just a guess..


On 10/25/10 3:51 PM, "Aaron Morton" <> wrote:

It should do, this is the comment from the yaml

#     - keys_cached: specifies the number of keys per sstable whose
#        locations we keep in memory in "mostly LRU" order.  (JUST the key
#        locations, NOT any column values.) Specify a fraction (value less
#        than 1) or an absolute number of keys to cache.  Defaults to 200000
#        keys.

Is it not working?

On 26 Oct, 2010,at 08:45 AM, "Damick, Jeffrey" <> wrote:

Does 0.7 not support percentages in the keys_cached (in the yaml config)?  (I'm on 07.0b2
so maybe it has been fixed?)


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