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From Jean-Yves LEBLEU <>
Subject Changing column families and drain
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 08:00:53 GMT
Hi all,

When I look at the wiki the procedure to change the column family is :

   1. Empty the commitlog with "nodetool drain."
   2. Shutdown Cassandra and verify that there is no remaining data in the
   3. Delete the sstable files (-Data.db, -Index.db, and -Filter.db) for any
   CFs removed, and rename the files for any CFs that were renamed.
   4. Make necessary changes to your storage-conf.xml.
   5. Start Cassandra back up and your edits should take effect. **

How do we check that the commitlog is empty ? as it seems that there are
still files in the commit log directory after a drain ?

Is it necessary to shutdown all nodes in a ring before changing the
storage-conf.xml files ?

On linux is a "kill -9" acceptable as a cassandra shutdown ?

Thanks for answer.


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