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From Frank LoVecchio <>
Subject Hadoop Word Count Super Column Example?
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 15:31:20 GMT
I have a Hadoop installation working with a cluster of 0.7 Beta 2 Nodes, and
got the WordCount example to work using the standard configuration.  I have
been inserting data into a Super Column (Sensor) with TimeUUID as the
compare type, it looks like this:

get Sensor['DeviceID:Sensor']
=> (super_column=795a4da0-d8ac-11df-9a2c-12313d06187c,
     (column=sub_sensor1, value=39.742538, timestamp=1287182112633000)
     (column=sub_sensor2, value=-104.912474, timestamp=1287182112633000)
     (column=mac_address, value=DEADBEEFFEED, timestamp=1287182112633000))

Is there a Word Count example for super columns?  I am trying to count the
number of occurrences of "DEADBEEFFEED", much like "word1" in the column


Frank LoVecchio
Software Engineer, Isidorey LLC

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