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From Christian Decker <>
Subject KeyRange over Long keys
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:05:57 GMT
Ever since I started implementing my second level caches I've been wondering
on how to deal with this, and thus far I've not found a good solution.

I have a CF acting as a secondary index, and I want to make range queries
against it. Since my keys are Long I simply went ahead and wrote them as
they were, which resulted them in being stored as UTF8 Strings. Now I'm
having the problem that if I want to make a range query on those keys (lets
say 1-100) they will be matched as string against each other, meaning that
55 > 100, which is not what I want.

Is there a simple way to make such queries by just adjusting the key?
Specifically I'm wondering if I could create a byte representation of the
Long that would also be lexicographically ordered.

Anyone had a similar problem?


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