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From Matthew Dennis <>
Subject Re: Adding nodes wrong/data not balanced across nodes
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2010 19:05:36 GMT
You need to specify your initial tokens.  LoadBalance really doesn't do a
good job of balancing the load.  Take a look at "Load Balancing" in There is a little python script
in there to help you pick tokens for a given cluster size.

If you don't want to blow away the data you have, then there is more work
involved but basically you want to pick 6 evenly spaced tokens for your ring
and then one-by-one move your nodes to those positions.  This is resource
intensive and takes a while so it may be easier to just bring up a new
cluster with the initial tokens correctly specified.

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 11:26 AM, Frank LoVecchio <>wrote:

> I have 6 nodes, with a RF of 3.  I didn't set auto bootstrap to true in the
> conf file, is this why I'm getting such non-balanced data storage?  I tried
> running nodetool loadbalance on the nodes, one by one, but that didn't
> really seem to help.
> Address         Status State   Load            Token
>                                               xxx
> node1    Up     Normal  3.64 GB         xxx
> node2    Up     Normal  2.81 GB          xxx
> node3    Up     Normal  6.93 GB          xxx
> node4    Up     Normal  8.1 GB            xxx
> node5    Up     Normal  2.78 GB           xxx
> node6    Up     Normal  928.31 MB       xxx

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