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From Corey Hulen>
Subject Cassandra and EC2 performance testing
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 23:27:10 GMT
I recently posted a blog article about Cassandra and EC2 performance testing
for small vs large, EBS vs ephemeral storage, compared to real HW with and
without an SSD.  Hope people find it interesting.


   - The variance in test results from run to run on EC2’s virtual hardware
   fluctuates A LOT.
   - EC2 is a finicky beast, but we like it.
   - Not all EC2 instances (for the same size ie. small) are created equal.
   - Large instances are not 4x as fast as small instances (even though they
   are 4x the price).
   - Kind of obvious, but real hardware is better…and yea SSD’s kick butt.
   - Automated scripts included.  Please have at it and reproduce the
   results with different configurations.



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