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From Yang <>
Subject Re: Cassandra + Zookeeper, what is the current state?
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:45:02 GMT
Thanks guys.

but I feel it would probably be better to refactor out the hooks and
make components like zookeeper pluggable , so users could use either
zookeeper or the current  config-file based seeds discovery


On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 9:02 AM, Jeremy Hanna
<> wrote:
> Further, when they open-sourced cassandra, they removed certain things that are specific
to their environment at facebook, including zookeeper integration.  In the paper it has some
specific purposes, like finding seeds iirc.  Apache Cassandra has no dependency on zookeeper.
 I think that's a good thing as managing cassandra is easier without those kinds of dependencies,
e.g. for shops that don't currently use any hadoop components.
> On Oct 19, 2010, at 3:11 AM, Norman Maurer wrote:
>> No Zookeeper is not used in cassandra. You can use Zookeeper as some
>> kind of add-on to do locking etc.
>> Bye,
>> Norman
>> 2010/10/19 Yang <>:
>>> I read from the Facebook cassandra paper that zookeeper "is used
>>> ....." for certain things ( membership and Rack-aware placement)
>>> but I pulled 0.7.0-beta2 source and couldn't grep out anything with
>>> "Zk" or "Zoo",  nor any files with "Zk/Zoo" in the names
>>> is Zookeeper really used? docs/blog posts from online search kind of
>>> give conflicting answers
>>> Thanks
>>> Yang

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