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From Craig Ching <>
Subject HintedHandoff and ReplicationFactor with a downed node
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 21:55:22 GMT

I'm testing Cassandra to ensure it fits my needs.  One of the tests I
want to perform is writing while a node is down.  Here's the scenario:

Cassandra 0.6.6
2 nodes
replication factor of 2
hinted handoff on

I load node A with 50,000 rows while B is shutdown (BTW, I'm using
CL.ONE during the inserts, which, according to the HintedHandoff wiki
shouldn't be working in this case?).  All columns are successfully
created.  I then start node B and wait a bit.  I start doing a get
(with CL.ONE) for every key I created in node A.  They seem to be
trickling in to node B and eventually (after about an hour?) they all
get there.  Is this expected?  Is there any way to tune that?  I'm
mostly concerned with the amount of time it's taking to fully
replicate.  Even better, I'd love a way to not allow B to be available
until replication is complete, can I detect that somehow?

I appreciate any help or suggestions!


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