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From Tyler Hobbs <>
Subject Re: get keys based on values??
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 17:15:15 GMT
If you're interested in only checking part of a column's value, you can
just store that part of the value in a different column.  So, have an
"email_addr" column
and a "email_domain" column, which stores "", for example.

Then you can just use a secondary index on the "email_domain" column.

- Tyler

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 10:33 AM, Brayton Thompson <>wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Ok, I am VERY new to Cassandra and trying to get my head around its core
> ideas.
> So lets say I have a CF of Users that contains all the info I would ever
> want to know about them. One day I decide(for some reason) that I want to
> send a mass email to only the users with AOL email addresses. Is there a
> mechanism for getting only keys whose email attribute contains the string @
> ? Or is this frowned upon? I could also envision separate CF's for
> each email type; that stored values to use as keys into my Users CF. Say the
> AOL CF contains the usernames of everyone that has an aol account. So I
> would pull all of the keys from that CF and then use them to index into the
> Users CF to pull their email addresses.  It seems to me that this is
> redundant. So I would like your thoughts on my example.
> Thank you,
> Brayton Thompson
> Global Research Network Operation Center
> Indiana University
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> /rZDCxxiThznuaLI70QnU3O7ZTiyXpavN8BUW6KoeDZNAypgg1AayhEL2d67zZWu
> qtnGEpoIeieinjccWMpkUrv2f14CZQ5gbJSLwPdoNLItYLnFvGHg0Ca/hXhrkIDr
> BqnA0R5w2YHB+5p84gvj1NTRE0O2kXcUHkLDDBvnlLKUOUkoDyqr5tGAIwHhIwA7
> hpko76CyGN84bS8Kma+1D6e8wg9zqfiS9mvvErJCUOwyU5e+XeoiCdyhwgDHJKlW
> T5UjMXdAHwyZly48J5l6jEJastHsL1wKAHeV/NlQ1gEx2CmnnJ0lBPDPqlT5Lxdb
> uQFzS/YhFzxWL2gApHKF8EdCz4jFbPUggYYPsVgfYkNNBISgcIiQaEIIPkri96vb
> V/xhnxLrFCO20NnGQ5PCTzCnZptyc3V+9WI542fnRGcS8SbF+N5BdLzoJBjtidrI
> a/Nps/KUhJ5kVzJ0o8H3
> =oBhH

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