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From Koert Kuipers <>
Subject deletion
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 18:55:12 GMT
Hello All,

I am testing Cassandra 0.7 with the Avro api on a single machine as a financial time series
server, so my setup looks something like this:
keyspace = timeseries, column family = tickdata, key = ticker, super column = field (price,
volume, high, low), column = timestamp.

So a single value, say a price of 140.72 for IBM today at 14:00 would be stored as
tickdata["IBM"]["price"]["2010-10-14 14:00"] = 140.72 (well of course everything needs to
be encoded properly but you get the point).

My subcomparator type is TimeUUIDType so that I can do queries over time ranges. Inserting
and querying all work reasonably well so far.

But sometimes I have a need to wipe out all the data for all day. To be more precise: I need
to delete the stored values for all keys (tickers) and all super-columns (fields) for a given
time period (condition on column). How would I go about doing that? First a multiget_slice
and then a remove command for each value? Or am I missing an easier way?

Is slice deletion within batch_mutate still scheduled to be implemented?

Thanks for your help,

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