It is indeed CASSANDRA-1465 where the NEWS.TXT was changed to say the wire protocol had changed

As far as I can see the wire protocol change is to remove the string name of the TP stage from the message. I can do a shutdown upgrade, but was thinking of trying the following just to see if it works. 

1) I have a 4 node with RF3, first increase the RF to 4 and repair so each node has all the data

2) change my clients to use CL.ANY (i guess ONE would work as well)
3) change the listen_address on the nodes to localhost 

What I think I've done now is make a cluster of individual nodes, that cannot talk to each other. When a client connects (it has a list of nodes) to one node it should be able to read data and perform writes. HH's will be stored to send the data to the other nodes in the cluster. 

4) Upgrade each node in turn to the new 0.7 nightly, I would drain the node and delete the schema CF's as per

5) return the listen_address back to an empty setting, so the nodes see each other again. Then run repair on each node in turn to deliver the HH they collected while they could not communicate.

6) Change the RF back to 3 and nodetool cleanup on each

Aside from "huh why?" any thoughts on if this would work? I have a slight opportunity to play around and am interested to see if I can roll this out without a full shutdown.  


On 22 Sep, 2010,at 02:57 PM, Jonathan Ellis <> wrote:

Yes, I think that's the one.

I imagine svn blame on NEWS would tell you for sure.

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 8:05 AM, Gary Dusbabek <> wrote:
> 1465 maybe?
> On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 16:00, Aaron Morton <> wrote:
>> Just took a look upgrading from from 31/08 nightly to the 20/09 and noticed
>> the news.txt says...
>> "The Cassandra inter-node protocol is incompatible with 0.6.x releases (and
>> with 0.7 beta1)"
>> Could someone point me to the ticket(s) for this change so I can see if I
>> can do a rolling upgrade.
>> Thanks
>> Aaron

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