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From AeC <>
Subject Re: Moving from 0.7.0-beta1 to nightly build
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2010 07:52:45 GMT

For the record,

I solved this by bouncing the cluster down to 0.6.5 and then following the
upgrade procedure to the nightly build.

I couldn't find any way of going from 0.7.0.beta1->nightly.  I'm wondering
if there is a potential problem looming for beta1->beta2 upgrades ?


> On 22/09/2010 15:28, "Jonathan Ellis" <> wrote:
>> the strategy is saved as part of your schema.  install the new build
>> before loading it.
>> On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 3:35 AM, andy C <>
>> wrote:
>>> I'm running a test cluster for development and evaluation of Cassandra.  In
>>> order to use the latest build of Hector (the 0.7.0 branch) I've need to move
>>> from 0.6.5 first to  0.7.0-beta1 of Cassandra and then to the latest nightly
>>> build (actually 2010-09-20_14-20-20).  In order to move over I've followed
>>> the following procedure:
>>> 1: get 0.7.0 running on all nodes, use schematool to update schema
>>> 2: confirm with cassandra-cli that the schema looks OK
>>> 3: Take down all nodes
>>> 4: on one node install nightly build
>>> 5:use config-converter to create config from 0.6.5 to nightly config
>>> 6: Change RackUnawareStrategy to SimpleStrategy in cassandra.yaml
>>> 7: start Cassandra
>>> However I am still getting RackUnawareStrategy exceptions (output below).

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