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From sekhar kosuru <>
Subject Migrating from Mysql to Cassandra
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 15:32:55 GMT

I am involving in migrating our database Mysql to Cassandra. After Google
about Cassandra database i feel following are some issues we need to find
the solutions.

Suggest me if my analysis is wrong or for my doubts.

 *1) Projecting all the rows* - If we fixed KeyRange count to N records and
initially start key & end key = "", then after first iteration of values
last key as next start key and end key = "" it is going infinite loop.

*  2) Getting rows based on some condition ( created date b/n date1 to
date2)  -
          *For one column other than actual key in ColumnFamily i found some
solution in the following link.
select section, so we will have 2 ColumnFamilies. In our scenario we
to get records more than one column ( some times it will change
So how many ColumnFamilies need to design, if requirements need to change in
middle of the devlopment/ production means how to handle.

*  3) Deleted keys are available in ColumnFamilies *- How to remove these

  4) If we delete a record in clustered environment (In a single node),
after that before sync with remaining nodes the node got failure means we
wont have the data consistency - how to handle it. This database wont follow
ACID properties, how to handle this one for a huge ERP kind of application.

 5) Suggest me some GUI clients for Cassandra Database - to cross check the
records in backend.



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