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From Mario Micklisch <>
Subject Re: a few generic questions
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 17:23:42 GMT
Hello Scott,

Thank you for your help and pointing me into some directions and also for
making me aware that some things are more important! :-)

I did read most of the wiki and many blogs and websites about Cassandra
before deciding to go with it, even did several test installations and small
load tests to compare Cassandra with other similar systems. It is hard to
learn everything you really need to know before you really use it and run
into the first trouble :-)

So I followed your advise and read some of the mentioned pages again and
understood some more things that I wasn't paying so much attention to

There also seem to be some changes since the 0.4 version I based my decision
on in the beginning.

To make it short: My questions are now answered :-)

Thanks again,

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