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From Shashank Tiwari <>
Subject Thrift gen problem with cassandra.thrift
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2010 07:35:16 GMT
I installed thrift successfully on Snow Leaopard. However, when I run
*thrift -gen java interface/cassandra.thrift* with Cassandra 0.6.5, I get an
error which reads as follows:
....apache-cassandra-0.6.5/interface/cassandra.thrift:303] error: identifier
ONE is unqualified!
Line 303 of cassandra.thrift is highlighted in the text below:

296   /**
297     Get the Column or SuperColumn at the given column_path. If no value
is present, NotFoundException is thrown    . (This is
298     the only method that can throw an exception under non-failure
299    */
300   ColumnOrSuperColumn get(1:required string keyspace,
301                           2:required string key,
302                           3:required ColumnPath column_path,
*303                           4:required ConsistencyLevel
304                       throws (1:InvalidRequestException ire,
2:NotFoundException nfe, 3:UnavailableException ue    , 4:TimedOutException

Could somebody please help resolve this problem and also explain what's
going on here.

Thanks, Shashank

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