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From Benjamin>
Subject Re: Azure Cloud Storage - Tables
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 04:18:44 GMT
They are not copying Cassandra with that, as it was in development for
some time before Cassandra was released (possibly even before
Cassandra development started).  The BigTable-esque aspects, if they
are 'copied' from anywhere, are copied from BigTable, just as they are
in Cassandra.  The underlying storage originated with their Cosmos
project, and the layers with various semantics came about at least 3
years ago (possibly more) when various things were consolidated under
the Azure umbrella.  Definitely a lot of interesting technology in


public reference for some of that -;content

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 2:20 PM, Peter Harrison <> wrote:
> Microsoft has essentially copied the Cassandra approach for it's Table
> Storage. See here:
> It is I believe a compliment of sorts, in the sense that it is a
> validation of the Cassandra approach. The reason I know about this is
> that I attended a presentation about Azure last week, and one of the
> Azure team told us all about it. The Table Storage is essentially
> Cassandra; although I guess reimplemented.
> That said it would have been better for them to actually use Cassandra
> and commit development effort to help the project than simply
> reimplement. Given their desire to promote Azure as a platform for
> open source applications I would have thought this would be a no
> brainer.

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