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From Manikandan R <>
Subject Need help in cassandra data model..
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 07:09:27 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I am doing study on cassandra to make use of it for the below problem -

My current system has many components. To complete any transaction(request),
it has to pass through all the components. While it passes through, there is
no clear visibility to know what is happening behind each component at any
given point.

Trying to create a new component using cassandra, which receives the status
of the transaction(request) from other components for any given
transaction(request) id, so that it can viewed online in real time.

Here is the model, I have in my mind:

Transactions: {

    100: { //transaction id as key

         t1: { //Say, at time t1

              status: "Received the request. Doing validation";
              mode: "debug";

         t2 : { // Say, at time t2

             status: "dropped:1000|absent=2000";
             dropped: 1000;
             absent: 2000;
             mode: "info";

    101: { //transaction id as key

         t1: { //Say, at time t1

              status: "Doing External Verification..."
              mode: "debug";

         t2 : { // Say, at time t2

             status: "valid:2000|invalid:1000";
             valid: 1000;
             invalid: 1000;
             mode: "info";

Status can delivered to the users depending on the SLA. Based on the mode,
it can be displayed to users. Users who has access to see detailed status,
can see all the mode's status, where as, user who want to see only reports,
can see the mode with "info".

Please let me know your thoughts.


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