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From Narendra Sharma <>
Subject High number of DigestMismatchException
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2010 18:53:57 GMT
We are seeing high number of DigestMismatchException on our Cassandra
deployment. We have a cluster of 4 nodes with RF=3 and we read/write in
Quorum. I understand some DigestMismatchException is normal and is the
mechanism for Cassandra to ensure consistency by doing read-repair.

In our case, even though we have 4 clients, only the client that writes the
data, read the data because of request sharding at client end. So I would
expect the replication to happen fast and data be consistent on the 3 copies
before the read hits the cluster. The size of column value is approx 128K.
We verified multiple times that the timestamp of all the clients is in sync.

Is this something to worry about? How do we troubleshoot if this an issue?


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