Under 0.6.* you need to alter the storage-conf.xml and restart the node. You can do this as a rolling restart in the cluster. 

Under 0.7* you can make dynamic changes to the storage config through the API. 

If your experimenting perhaps you could grab the source code for 0.7 and give it a try. I think beta 1 will be out in a few weeks.  


On 04 Aug, 2010,at 07:36 AM, Mark <static.void.dev@gmail.com> wrote:

We just started using Cassandra 0.6.4 yesterday for simple logging of a
particular action. This is pretty much experimental for us at this stage
so we only have 1 node up and running (no gasps please). My question is
how can I add another column family (ie alter storage-conf.xml) without
disrupting service. Is there some sort of graceful restart?

Going forward, how is this accomplished with a multi-node architecture?