Also, there are some changed between 0.6* and 0.7* (dynamic schema and keys as byte[])that AFAIK make them incompatible in the same cluster.

The 0.7 node is going to try and tell the 0.6 node all about the new schema.


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See , or the Upgrading section in NEWS.txt.

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Subject: No Keyspace found after fresh .7 install

I now have 2 running nodes : one running .6.3, and one running 7 beta 1.
No Keyspace is recognized (aside from system) on the .7 beta 1 node; I saw
this wiki page -> about
doing a one-time schema update, but I am still confused (and jsconsole is
worthless on EC2). How do I get the Keyspace to be recognized (it is
declared in the yaml?).