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From Scott Dworkis <>
Subject recovering a failed node does not seem to recover replicas
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 22:08:17 GMT
following the failure handling process described here:

i don't at the end seem to have all the data... i have half as much being 
reported by nodetool ring as i started with.  i'm guessing the replicas 
are not being recovered.  however if i take the extra steps of repair and 
cleanup (as described by the alternative approach), i seem to get the same 
amount of data that i started with.  btw, then i do a gc to clean out the 
2.5x amount of disk usage consumed by repair and cleanup... this gc might 
be automatic with disks that are closer to full than mine.

so, i think the wiki isn't quite accurate, and probably should mention the 
need for at least 2.5x of what is reported by nodetool ring worth of 
storage to handle recovery of a failed node.


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