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From MK <>
Subject How to ensure data placement on a specific node in a cluster
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 03:39:55 GMT

I have started playing with a cassandra cluster and want to do the
following - When I insert a value into the cluster by sending the
"set" command to a node in the cluster, I want to ensure that atleast
one copy of the data will be stored on this node. (So that if this
node drops out of the cluster for network failure reasons, I can still
see the data that is present on this node)

What is the simplest way of doing that?

I think that trying to tweak the hashing will be too difficult but can
I somehow control the replication so that one replica will be on this
node? (I am using 0.6 version but have just stumbled on the "Local"
replica strategy in the head version - is that supposed to do what I
outlined above?)

Many thanks for any help!

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