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From Chen Xinli <>
Subject cassandra for a inbox search with high reading qps
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 02:55:58 GMT

We are going to use cassandra for searching purpose like inbox search.
The reading qps is very high, we'd like to use ConsitencyLevel.One for
reading and disable read-repair at the same time.

For reading consistency in this condition, the writing should use
ConsistencyLevel.ALL. But the writing will fail if one node fails.
We want such a ConsistencyLevel for writing/reading that :
1. writing will success if there is node alive for this key
2. reading will not forward to a node that's just recovered and doing hinted

So that, if some node fails, others nodes for replica will receive the data
and surve reading successfully;
when the failure node recovers,  it will receive hinted handoff from other
nodes and it'll not surve reading until hinted handoff is done.

Does cassandra support the cases already? or should I modify the code to
meet our requirements?

Thanks for any advices!

Best Regards,
Chen Xinli

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