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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: Filesystem for Cassandra
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 16:55:46 GMT
> Actually we use Cassandra on ZFS (OpenSolaris) - fine tuned for our need. no
> Raidcontroller used.

An interesting property of ZFS is the use of the ARC for caching.
Contrary to the traditional behavior of buffer caches, the ARC should
theoretically not evict all interesting data as a result of single
sequential reads/writes of large files (without repeated access).

Thus, I would expect that ZFS has the potential to give very even
performance in terms of being less affected by compaction and memtable
flush operations which otherwise (on e.g. traditional linux w/
xfs/jfs/etc) have a significant impact.

That said I'd love to hear more about people's experiences. My only
testing with Cassandra on ZFS has been on FreeBSD and the issue I had
there was the tendency for bulk writes to cause poor latency on other
I/O (when doing lots of writes I regularly have this issue on my
desktop which runs freebsd/zfs) - but I am hoping that is specific to
the FreeBSD port

/ Peter Schuller

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