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From Rob Coli <>
Subject Re: Cassandra disk space utilization WAY higher than I would expect
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 22:49:30 GMT
On 8/6/10 3:30 PM, Peter Schuller wrote:
> *However*,
> and this is what I meant with my follow-up, that still does not
> explain the data from her post unless 'nodetool ring' reports total
> sstable size rather than the total size of live sstables.

Relatively limited time available to respond to this post, but FYI :

     public void printRing(PrintStream outs)
         Map<String, String> loadMap = probe.getLoadMap();

probe object is of type NodeProbe, so..

         Map<String, String> loadMap = ssProxy.getLoadMap();

ssProxy object is a MBean proxy to Storage Service methods..

     public double getLoad()
                 bytes += cfs.getLiveDiskSpaceUsed();

In other words, "nodetool ring" should be reporting only the live disk 
space used.

> Just to be clear, my perhaps misuse of the term "obsolete" only refers
> to sstables that have been successfully compacted together with others
> into a new sstable which replaces the old ones (hence making them
> "obsolete"). I do not mean to imply that they contain obsolete
> columns.

Ok, thought that's what you meant. Thx for the clarification.


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