The Tomstones are removed after GCGraceSeconds (in the storage-config.xml), at the next Major Compaction

Take a look at  and Handling Failure on

This one explains the internal reason the tombstoned keys are returned

You could reduce the GCGraceSeconds. Others may have a better idea how to force it.


On 13 Jul, 2010,at 03:17 AM, Samuru Jackson <> wrote:


I'm fairly new to Cassandra and started to set up a small cluster for
playing around and evaluating it for my potential purposes.

As far as I understand I can't remove whole rows - instead the columns
of a deleted rows are removed and a client can decided based on the
row's column count if it treats a part of a returned slice as deleted
or not. Those empty rows are referenced as a Tombstone in Cassandras
terminology- right?

Is there any way to force the sync/garbage collection of the deletion
of the such empty rows?

Reading the mailinglist, this behaviour is relating to the weak
consistency of Cassandra. What I don't understand is, why is it
possible to remove the columns of a row, but not the whole row? Could
you give me some further reading on this topic?