L1Tickets = { // column family
    userId: { // row key
        42C120DF-D44A-44E4-9BDC-2B5439A5C7B4: { category: "videoPhone", reportType: "POOR_PICTURE", ...},
        99B60047-382A-4237-82CE-AE53A74FB747: { category: "somethingElse", reportType: "FOO", ...}

On 3 July 2010 02:29, S Ahmed <sahmed1020@gmail.com> wrote:

So using the code snipped below, I want to create a json representation of the CF (super). 

 * Write multiple sub-column values to a super column...
 * @param rowKey                    The key of the row to modify
 * @param colFamily                 The name of the super column family to operate on
 * @param colName                   The name of the super column
 * @param subColumns                A list of the sub-columns to write
mutator. writeSubColumns(
    UuidHelper.newTimeUuidBytes(), // using a UUID value that sorts by time
        mutator.newColumn("category", "videoPhone"),
        mutator.newColumn("reportType", "POOR_PICTURE"),
        mutator.newColumn("createdDate", NumberHelper.toBytes(System.currentTimeMillis())),
        mutator.newColumn("capture", jpegBytes),
        mutator.newColumn("comment") ));
Can someone show me what it would look like?

This is what I have so far....       

SupportTickets = {

    userId : {
        L1Tickets : { }


But from what I understood, a CF of type super looks like (http://arin.me/blog/wtf-is-a-supercolumn-cassandra-data-model) :

AddressBook = { // this is a ColumnFamily of type Super
    phatduckk: {    // this is the key to this row inside the Super CF
        // the key here is the name of the owner of the address book

        // now we have an infinite # of super columns in this row
        // the keys inside the row are the names for the SuperColumns
        // each of these SuperColumns is an address book entry
        friend1: {street: "8th street", zip: "90210", city: "Beverley Hills", state: "CA"},

        // this is the address book entry for John in phatduckk's address book
        John: {street: "Howard street", zip: "94404", city: "FC", state: "CA"},
        Kim: {street: "X street", zip: "87876", city: "Balls", state: "VA"},
        Tod: {street: "Jerry street", zip: "54556", city: "Cartoon", state: "CO"},
        Bob: {street: "Q Blvd", zip: "24252", city: "Nowhere", state: "MN"},
        // we can have an infinite # of ScuperColumns (aka address book entries)
    }, // end row
    ieure: {     // this is the key to another row in the Super CF
        // all the address book entries for ieure
        joey: {street: "A ave", zip: "55485", city: "Hell", state: "NV"},
        William: {street: "Armpit Dr", zip: "93301", city: "Bakersfield", state: "CA"},

The Pelop's code snippet seems to be adding an additional inner layer to this to me, confused!