Agreed, what exactly did they replace it with.

On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 8:14 AM, Bill de hÓra <> wrote:
On Mon, 2010-06-28 at 11:51 -0500, Eric Evans wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-06-28 at 07:53 -0700, Kochheiser,Todd W - TOK-DITT-1 wrote:
> > On a related but separate note: While I am fairly new to Cassandra and
> > have only been following the mailing lists for a few months, the
> > conversation with Kevin Rose on TWiT made me curious if the versions
> > of Cassandra that Digg, Twitter, and Facebook are using may end up
> > being forks of the Apache project or old versions.
> Facebook and Apache have diverged (technically we're the fork). To the
> best of my knowledge, this has always been the case.

This person's understanding is that Facebook 'no longer contributes to
nor uses Cassandra.':

I assume it's accurate - policy reasons wouldn't interest me as much as
technical ones.