For RDBMS I *always* used singular for table names. And was prepared to backup this position for force if necessary :)

Any ways, now days it's all about how it makes you feel inside. And I feel it should still be singular.

It tends to work better when there are multiple CF's related to the same logical entity.... e.g. Monkey and MonkeyIndex or MonkeyAccess Vs Monkeys an MonkeysIndex or MonkeysAccess.


On 27 Jul, 2010,at 06:38 PM, uncle mantis <> wrote:

I know this is an age old question. Kinda like the chicken and the egg. I know that everyone's solution is different but I wanted to get an open opinion.

Do you all use singular or plural column family names in your keyspaces?

I have been using plural for years and I have worked at jobs that use singular and the reason behind it made sense too.