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From Narendra Sharma <>
Subject Cassandra client - clock sync
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 07:45:08 GMT

We have an application that uses Cassandra to store data. The application is
deployed on multiple nodes that are part of an application cluster. We are
at present using single Cassandra node. We have noticed few errors in
application and our analysis revealed that the root cause was that the clock
on different application nodes was off by few miliseconds (approx 3.5 ms).

AFAIK all the application nodes using Cassandra should have clock synched.
Is this understanding correct? If yes, what is the recommended way to keep
the clocks in sync? Even if we use NTP the clocks go out of sync after few
hours. Should we write a cron job to sync time every N minutes or hours?
What is the recommendation in production? How are other Cassandra users
handling the clock sync in production environment?


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