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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: Cassandra behaviour
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 16:47:50 GMT
> So userspace throttling is probably the answer?

I believe so.

>  Is the normal way of
> doing this to go through the JMX interface from a userspace program,
> and hold off on inserts until the values fall below a given threshold?
>  If so, that's going to be a pain, since most of my system is
> currently using python :)

I don't know what the normal way is or what people have done with
cassandra in production.

What I have tended to do personally and in general (not cassandra
specifik) is to do domain specific rate limiting as required whenever
I do batch jobs / bulk reads/writes. Regardless of whether your
database is cassandra, postgresql or anything else - throwing writes
(or reads for that matter) at the database at maximum possible speed
tends to have adverse effects on latency on other normal traffic. Only
during offline batch operations where latency of other traffic is
irrelevant, do I ever go "all in" and throw traffic at a database at
full speed.

That said, often simple measures like "write with a single sequential
writer subject to RTT of RPC requests" is sufficient to rate limit
pretty well in practice. But of course that depends on the nature of
the writes and how expensive they are relative to RTT and/or RPC.

FWIW, whenever I have needed a hard "maximum of X per second" rate
limit I have implemented or re-used a rate limiter (e.g. a token
bucket) for the language in question and used it in my client code.

/ Peter Schuller

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