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From Colin Vipurs <>
Subject Re: Quick Poll: Server names
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:56:58 GMT
+1 for this

> I know this is a fun thread, and I hate being a "debby downer"
> but...In my opinion, naming servers after anything then their function
> is not a great idea. Lets look at some positives and negatives:
> System1:
> cassandra01
> cassandra02
> cassandra03
> VS
> System2:
> tom
> dick
> harry
> Forward and reverse DNS:
> System1 is easy to mange with the server number you can easily figure
> out an offset.
> System2 requires careful mapping and will be more error prone.
> The future:
> So way back when a company i was at used Native American tribe names.
> Guess what happened. At about 20 nodes we ran out of common names like
> Cherokee, and we had servers named choctaw. These names become hard to
> spell and hard to say. Once you run out of native American names and
> you start using 'country names' What is the point? It is not even a
> convention any more. Cassandra servers are named after Native
> Americans, or possible food, or possibly a dog.
> Quick someone... fido just went down? What does fido do? Is it
> important? Is it in our web cluster or are cassandra cluster?
> Someone about mentioned Chevron1 till Chevron9. Look then ran out of
> unique names after the 5th server. So essentially 5 unique fun names
> then chevron6-1000.  Why is chevron6-1000 better then cassandra6-1000
> and is it any more fun?
> Reboots:
> Have you ever called a data center at 1AM for a server reboot? Picking
> a fancy, non phonetic name is a great way for a tired NOC operator to
> reboot the wrong one.

Maybe she awoke to see the roommate's boyfriend swinging from the
chandelier wearing a boar's head.

Something which you, I, and everyone else would call "Tuesday", of course.

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