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From Dan Washusen <>
Subject Re: Using Pelops with Cassandra 0.7.X
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 02:43:20 GMT

p.s. Pelops doesn't have any test coverage and my implicit tests (my app
integration tests) don't touch anywhere near all of the Pelops API.

p.s.s. I've made API breaking changes to support the new 0.7.0 API and
Dominic (the original Pelops author) hasn't had reviewed, commented or even
looked at them yet...

On 14 July 2010 08:35, Ran Tavory <> wrote:

> Hector doesn't have 0.7 support yet
> On Jul 14, 2010 1:34 AM, "Peter Harrison" <> wrote:
> I know Cassandra 0.7 isn't released yet, but I was wondering if anyone
> has used Pelops with the latest builds of Cassandra? I'm having some
> issues, but I wanted to make sure that somebody else isn't working on
> a branch of Pelops to support Cassandra 7. I have downloaded and built
> the latest code from GitHub, trunk of Pelops, and this works with 6.3,
> but not Cassandra Trunk. Is Pelops worth updating or should I use
> other client libraries for Java such as Hector?

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