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From Scott Mann <>
Subject Requesting data model suggestions
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 16:56:38 GMT

Although,  I've done a bit of reading about Cassandra's data model and
I've set up a Cassandra pair, I'm still unsure as to what might be
best for my purposes.

Briefly, I've got a set of strings A, B, and C. If needed, A could be
represented as an integer. Each A is associated with exactly one B or
C (but not both). A also has a number of parameters associated with it
which change over time. These changes, however, are reported with the
B or C identifier.

Currently, in mysql, I have three tables, A', B', and C' each using A,
B, and C as keys. When an update arrives, the code searches for the
key (B or C) in the appropriate table, determines the associated A
(using a foreign key), and then updates the values in the table row in
A' with key=A.

Anyone have ideas about how to model this in Cassandra?



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