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From Mubarak Seyed <>
Subject How to change the RF and repair
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 22:29:38 GMT
 Just want to verify with group that what i am doing wrt RF is correct.

1. Nodes were running with RF=2
2. Stopped all the nodes, changed the RF to 4
3. Started all the nodes, verify the cluster ring using nodetool, all the
nodes are part of cluster
4. Ran nodetool repair on all the nodes
5. Ran nodetool tpstats on all the nodes to verify AE-SERVICE-STAGE is
completed and made sure that AE-SERVICE-STAGE is not active
6. Ran nodetool streams on all the nodes, made sure that streams are not

Can someone please correct me, if any of the above steps are wrong.

Mubarak Seyed.

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