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From Rana Aich <>
Subject Date loading pattern with OrderPreservingPartiton
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 17:09:05 GMT
Hi All,

We are working with a Cassandra Cluster consisting 3 nodes with each having
storage capacity of 0.5 Terabytes.
We are loading the data into the cluster with OrderPreservingPartition and
with Replication Factor 2.

The Data that has been loaded so far looks as follows:

Address       Status     Load          Range

Server1 Up         292.98 GB     UHYqNsmZpD8DtZvw
Server3 Up         292.77 GB     ghbzYZ6U6uYQbK6g
|   |
Server2 Up         917 bytes       vHexMxAF1Te2bOvu

As you can see the server2 is still empty, we guess it is for
OrderPreservingPartion that we are using.

Is this an expected behavior of Cassandra?


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