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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject Re: Correct steps how to extend cluster size and RF
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 22:32:46 GMT
On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 1:30 PM, Juho Mäkinen <> wrote:
> I'm just about to extend my current two node production cluster into
> five node cluster and I'd like to be sure that my plan is correct.
> Currently cluster has two nodes with RF=2. The target is to add four
> nodes, increase RF to 3 and drop one of the old nodes.
> My current plan is:
> 1) Add one node with RF=3 but keep the clients connecting only to the
> two old nodes. As I'm doing many reads with ConsistencyLevel.ONE, this
> should prevent the clients getting exceptions about missing keys.
> 2) Restart both old nodes with configuration that has RF=3. The
> following inserts should now be propagated to the new 3rd node.

At this point, CL.ONE reads to the old nodes will return no data for
1/3 of the reads (because they incorrectly believe that they have a
copy of all the data locally).

> 7) Execute "nodetool loadbalance" to nodes if needed.

It will be less painful (in terms of I/O and CPU consumed) to
calculate the right locations ahead of time and bring up the new nodes
with the appropriate InitialToken specified.

> I'm also thinking about the possibility to add one node to another
> data center which would act as a live backup node. The idea would be
> that all keys should have a copy in the backup machine. If I'm
> correct, this can be done with RackAwareStrategy as stated in
> Operation wiki page.

RackAwareStrategy will put a copy of *each* key in both datacenters.
Usually this is problematic if one DC has much less machines than the

Jonathan Ellis
Project Chair, Apache Cassandra
co-founder of Riptano, the source for professional Cassandra support

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