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From Pieter Maes <>
Subject Re: Cassandra crashes after reboot
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2010 22:45:28 GMT

I'm sorry for the lack of information
I'm using 0.6.3.
The move was moving the data dir and the commitlog dir
But i now removed them and let the system bootstrap from the ring.
i know i'm lacking in information here.. but i thought i needed to be
mentioned overhere this could happen.

Pieter Maes

Op 26/07/10 00:21, Peter Schuller schreef:
>> I've moved my cassandra to another machine, started it up again, but got
>> this error
> Which version of Cassandra exactly? (So that one can look at matching
> source code)
> Also, were you running the exact same version of Cassandra on both
> servers (i.e., both the "source" and the "destination")?
> Was the "source" node completely turned off before you began copying
> files to the "destination" node? (Though even if this were not the
> case checksumming should prevent this particular problem from
> happening, at least based on current trunk's CommitLog.)
> The closest thing I found by quick googling, in terms of reported
> cassandra bugs, was this:
> But presumably you're using a newer version than 0.4?

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