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From "Brent N. Chun" <>
Subject Re: Reading all rows in a column family in parallel
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 19:06:06 GMT
Hi Jonathan,

The code snippet below was from the repository. I mentioned 0.6.0 
specifically just to confirm that reading a CF using token-based range 
queries with the RandomPartitioner should (or shouldn't) also work in 
that version. I've seen discussions about whether range queries are now 
supported with the RandomPartitioner for example. Moreover, those 
discussions mostly seem to involve key-based range queries, though, not 
token-based range queries like CFRR uses. If you're saying that this 
functionality essentially works for everyone but me in 0.6.0, then that 
implies I have a bug in my code which would be great news for me. What 
I'm essentially seeing is either all rows, all rows + duplicate rows, or 
missing rows even when using a single node. Which of these I get is 
entirely deterministic. If I delete all the data and insert the same 
rows, the ranges returned by describe_ring changes but the end result of 
reading the CF is then one of those three cases.


Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> "CFRR does this.  Is this possible?"
> I guess I don't understand the question. :)

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