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From Bjorn Borud <>
Subject Re: Hector vs cassandra-java-client
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 16:14:18 GMT
Jesse McConnell <> writes:

> ya, until the developers decide to go the route of most other apache
> projects and use maven and deploy artifacts into maven central your
> best bet is to manage it yourself and install into a repository
> manager and like archiva and nexus

the issue is a bit worse.  the fact that some key artifacts (such as
Thrift) are not in the official Maven repositories means that projects
end up depending on different versions of these.

for instance, I am in the process of implementing a Thrift service
which is backed by a Cassandra store.  the current assumption is that
I need to hide the dependencies inside OSGi modules so that I can live
with multiple Thrift versions.  (In fact, I've spent all day trying to
figure out how I should go about doing this in the least painful way

(I was hoping to have an OSGi bundle which embeds all dependencies for
Hector by the end of today, but it seems I have to continue work on
that tomorrow.  What I have so far isn't....pretty :-).

that being said, Thrift has another RC coming up and if this one
sticks we should hopefully see Thrift in the official Maven
repositories soon.  Hopefully Cassandra will follow?


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