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From Chris Dean <>
Subject Re: ec2 tests
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2010 02:46:26 GMT
> @Chris, Did you get any bench you could share with us?

We're still working on it.  It's a lower priority task so it will take a
while to finish.  So far we've run on all the AWS data centers in the US
and used several different setups.  We also did a test on Rackspace with
one setup and some whitebox servers we had in the office.  (The whitebox
servers are still running I believe.)

I don't have the numbers here, but the fastest by far is the
non-virtualized whitebox servers.  No real surprise.  Rackspace was
faster than AWS US-West; US-West faster than the than US-East.  

We always use 3 Cassandra servers and one or two machines to run  I don't think we're seeing the 7500 writes/sec so maybe our
config is wrong.  You'll have to be patient until my colleague writes
this all up.

Chris Dean

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