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Subject Replicating nodes through firewall
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 14:34:56 GMT
I am trying to set up replication among three cassandra nodes. I believe 
it is because I am not setting the correct seed hostnames in 
storage-conf.xml. How can I set up node communication through the NAT on 

Two nodes will be on my network with private ip and Port forwarding from my router's public ip to ONE internal 
node ip: I have port forwarding to set up for 
JMX port 8088 and cassandra port 9160.

I am using the hosts file to define the ip numbers for the cassandra 
nodes:    node1_rocinante    node2_spork
<<not shown>>      node3_rackspace

I can not seem to communicate from my internal node to the cassandra node 
at rackspace over port 8088 using "nodetool" or jmx gui, although I can 
telnet to both 8088 and cassandra port 9160 from shell. Here are JMX JAVA 
OPTS for cassandra on my node: 

Here is the netstat output showing the private ip rackspace cassandra node trying to handshake but failing because the nodes are 
assigned my private ip numbers, For review, 

tcp        0      1  
SYN_SENT    26725/java
tcp        0      1  
SYN_SENT    26725/java

Here are what I think are pertinent example settings in the 
storage-conf.xml for an internal node:

  <!-- internal communications port -->

Jeffrey Griffin, Developer
JavaJet Consulting  LLC
 o: 1.717.533.5557
m: 1.717.419.2869
skype: javajet.coder
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