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From Mubarak Seyed <>
Subject Load balancing
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 23:21:35 GMT
HI All,

I have a requirement that we have around 100 application server instances and all needs to
write/read data from cassandra's cluster, the write data rate is around 300k records per instance
(approximately 30 millions for 100 instances).

- How does client (application) connect to cassandra cluster? Is it always for one node (and
thrift can get ring info) and send the request to connected node
- If we send 300k records from each node, it is a over kill for a node which accepts client
connection, does node get choked?
- How do we design a cassandra cluster to make sure that insert get distributed to more than
one nodes?
- If i prefer OrderPreservingPartition as a partitioner, how does single node handle all the
200k records?


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